Xbox Disc Backup help



Help!! Please! Here is what i would like to do. I travel alot and drag my xbox with me everywhere unfortunetly it leads to poor xbox game disc storage and constant use. I want to make an exact duplicate of my disc to ensure if they get scratched beyond recognition i can still play my beloved games without spending some serious doe for a new game. Here is my question:

I have learned how to make an xISO of an xbox game and it will load and play the game to some extent.

:confused: Here is the problem. I cant access Xbox live with my burnt back up. I am assuming I need to dycrypt the VOB files or something that is not getting fully copied to my back up. Can anyone please help me!! Any Ideas?

In my attempts i have noticed that my games are averaging 14gigs not even dual layer can hod ttha much. any answers,ideas?



The only way you can copy the contents of an Xbox game to your PC hard disk is by reading it via your Xbox itself. When you attempt to copy an Xbox game via a standard optical drive you will get useless VOB files. In order to get the real decrypted files you need to have an FTP connection to your Xbox and for this, your Xbox needs to be modded. Once your Xbox has been modded and you have an FTP connection you can insert your Xbox game in your Xbox (and disable automatic game boots) and then browse the real contents of the Xbox discs via the FTP connection. With software like FlashFXP you can then transfer the real files to your computer. Once you’ve done this you can burn these files with software like RecordNow Max (my personal favourite for Xbox games).


so i have an ftp connection using smart to access does flashfxp offer more utilites. Also i have used DVD dycrypter to dycrypt to original ISO with vobs included but its 14gigs… do i need a dual layer and dvd-18 to complete this. Or is there a way around that.

I have softmodded the box to get access via a linux shell. Unfortunetly I can seem to get all the files off the cd drive to hard drive. I can view the cd in windows but obviously it is using XDVD(file structure) so it is misleading on file size and files … any ideas?


Yes, you’re doing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

An Xbox game does not have any VOB files on it, so if you’re seeing them you’re doing something wrong. An Xbox game is also rarely larger than 4GB (some games excepted like Halo 2) so if you’re getting 14GB files then you’re definitely doing something wrong.

Here is how I do it with my Xbox. My Xbox has been flashed with a new BIOS allowing me to set-up an FTP connection with it. I have loaded the Evolution-X dashboard which allows me to disable automatic game boots. If I want to backup one of my original Xbox games I turn on my Xbox and then fire up the FlashFXP on my PC. I then connect to my Xbox so I can browse its contents. I now insert the Xbox game in my Xbox and wait a couple of seconds. I can then, on my PC, browse the disc’s contents via FlashFXP and transfer the files from my Xbox to my computer.

If you’ve never done this before it sounds difficult but believe me, once you can setup a proper connection with your Xbox then it’s very easy to do. For more info on how to setup an FTP connection you can read these tutorials over at Personally I’ve used this method to setup an FTP conntection: Networking xbox to pc using 2 network cards.


i too have Evox installed. I am using smart ftp to transfer game files to pc does FLash offer a better way so that i can get all game files. I transferd over all halo files on my d drive off the box to my pc and used XISO maker to create an image and burnt it to a DVD-R. It played perfectly but wouldnt allow me to connect to xbox live through the game. (HALO 2 if you are interested) My biggest concern is that i made an xiso of halo and it works but not on live. Any ideas how to make your back ups work for xbox live.

thanx again


Here is my new attempt let me know what you think. This is all new to me for about a day now but i think i am grasping it. Ok I have used my EvoX dash to ftp into my box. I then used Smart FTP to copy everything from drive d:\ (running halo2cd). After that i used MooGUI to create an exact .lyt layout file of the game and then using that .lyt file i will use MooGUI to create a Padded and Edge Optimized ISO of around 4.3gigs. Which i will in turn burn to a DVD-R. and give it a go to see if my new burnt cd doing this process can allow me access to live via my backup halo2. This sound like a better approach?

thanks for any help


I don’t think it’s possible to play via Xbox live using non-original game discs (correct me if I’m wrong someone ;)). You also have to be careful you’re not banned for using a modded Xbox and non-original games! It sounds to me that you already succeeded in creating a back-up disc, but you can only use them for playing offline.


Yes i can understand yor worry with modding. My intensions were never to mod any game play and play on live. I simply wanted to have a workable backup so that when my orginal disc finally gives out due to scratches ect or incase it gets stolen while traveling i wouldnt have to purchase another. I have heard the same thing that not being able to play non original discs.

Does anyone know why this is? Is it a code based security or perhaps physically on the disc. ( i have heard rumors of the xbox foil in the center of the disc being the culprate) to test this i colored that foil black with a sharpie and still got on live. I am convienced it is a code based protection for live access. Any ideas?


When you try to play on Xbox live with a modchip enabled ,microsoft destroy your mac address which is (almost) impossible to restore.