Xbox connecting problem

We have the following settings
xbox live set to automatic (
pc set to automatic(
we are connected through a netgear router
i can ping the xbox from the pc but cannot ftp using flashFXP.

Any help please


First let me welcome you aboard!

Then, let me ask you a question. Is your XBOX “modified” in some way? Do you have a modchip installed? Or did you softmod it? If so, do you have an environment (dashboard like EvolutionX, UnleashX etc or XBMC) running that has a built-in FTP server? If not, you cannot connect to your XBOX using a FTP client like FlashFXP is.

hi thanku…

no my xbox is not modified in any way and i do not have it soft modded… sorry im a total noob at this stuff lol. I only really want to edit maps and change weapons and stuff nutthing that is like making people spawn and then u kill them lol…

but if i need to have a custom dashboard or whatever how do i go about getting 1?

sorry about double posting but the setup proces is a bit hard can some 1 help me its my 1st time… all i need is a download link and i can get nero by myself…

can some 1 please help me… i dont have a mod chip but i want to soft mod my xbox… some help please!!

ok i just saw on a site that said to soft mod ure xbox u need a memory card and other stuff… is this true cos this guy is saying u just need a dash board

If you want to do a softmod, you indeed need some matierials. Persoanlly I am more in favour of installing a modchip. These chips come quite cheap nowadays (for less than $20) and installing them isn’t to hard for anybody that can do some soldering.

In order to get a different dashboard (than the standard MS one) to run, you need to have your box modded. Thing is that an unmodded box cannot run unsigned code. The modchip solves that issue and makes running unsigned programs work possible. As the dashboards include the FTP servers you need, you will need a modification to do what you want to…