Hi all,

have a modded xbox 360 (iXtreme 1.51 i believe) and have been successfully burning and playing games… recently the site I got my games from was shut down and was forced to move to other torrent sites.

Now when I burn the games downloaded from the new site, they DO NOT WORK… :doh:

When the game is in the console, it seems to recognize it as a dvd file, as it says “play dvd” instead of “play game”… When i try to load the game, this XBOX splashscreen comes up with a white background and nothing happens…

I have downloaded from a couple of different sites now with the same result, and im flying through verbatim dvd +r’s… :sad:

If anyone could PLEASE help it would be very much appreciated…


Sorry xobx, but we do not discuss Xbox 360 games downloaded from torrent sites here in these forums.

Any software, or videos downloaded without consent of the copyright holders is off limits. Please review the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected material before posting again.

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