Xbox boot disc

hi again, about 2 years ago i had a pre-made xbox boot disc that would do everything you needed to do after modchipping your xbox. there was no need for ftp, modifying files etc. unfortunatly i no longer have that disc. i used executor 2 chips.Which i think are flashed with evox already. so it was just a few steps after unlocking the hardrive and you were done.
Is there still such an animal out there. it all seems a bit confusing using ftp,crossover cable and the like. i think i have a 1.5 version ( it’s got the most amount of screw down points in the mother board 13 if i can recall.
I also formated the hardrive with no backup (yeah dumb i know) but the boot disc i had would also return to factory settings as well.
i know this has probably been covered in a previous thread but once I read ISO FTP my head spins.

regards Davenwolf.

The Evolution-X bootdisc is a reversed engineerd piece of software, so i can’t help you finding it according to the forum rules. However, the file is easily obtainable to anyone who knows how to use google.

And do NOT pm about it!

thankyou I will go hunting, very quietly. :iagree: :wink: