Xbox-based home gateway getting closer?



I just posted the article Xbox-based home gateway getting closer?.

Last year we reported about the so called ‘HomeStation’ from Microsoft. The ultimate home entertainment device will lauch this year… at least this is what Prudential Securities analyst Hans…

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No thanks. I don’t need a copy protection based windows media player for my home. I built my own ‘Homestation.’ It plays DVD, records digital television, has my emulators and roms built into it and can play my enormous mp3 collection on the stereo. Screw your homestation. Maybe I will incorporate the Xbox into mine when somebody reverse engineers it.


“but u can’t deny Microsoft has a great business plan” Yes, that is true, but micro$oft is a monopoly and bill gate$ is a robber baron. If you don’t remember lessons of history, then you are at their absence of mercy to relive it. I do not condone any business which is in fact and in deed a monopoly. Micro$oft value$ only dollar$. You got it, they lu$t for it. Let me conclude with the warm fuzzy feeling that Micro$haft has a plan for all of us. It is called .Net! whitetie :4


Micro$hit allways try to separate a fool from his money. It happens because the fools try to dominate the world without our permission. :frowning:


The goal of every company in existence is to make as much money as quickly as possible and maintain that growth through out perpetuity. Get over it guys. Just because they do it better isn’t a reason to hate them. You’ve got alternatives. Use them instead.


fb- u’ve got it right… it is every companies goal to make as much money as possible to allow for growth and long term existense but that’s why the world is sad today… it’s all about money… 100 bux for software isn’t bad but when u’re talking 500 for Office, I’ll take my business elsewhere… yes MS does a good job in the business world but what about buying Bunjee and saying stop writing the Halo code for PC and get it out for Xbox by this date… ugghhhh that made me mad when they stopped production of Halo for PC and pushed the release date another year… but that’s the world of business and it’s business that runs the US… and honestly tell me how much more choice there is when it comes to supported OS… wanna play the latest and greatest PC games… Linux has only the most popular games (Quake, RTCW, etc)… Mac OS is slowly getting into the gaming but again only the most popular ones…


Flame me later…but… There are 2 people. Joe Suit, and Joe Sixpack. they acount for 80% of the populace (computer wise) because they are the majority, and the majority rules, they make decisions. Micro$oft didnt create a monopoly. Joe Suit and Joe Sixpack did. Windows does… a good job at what it does for the average user. Coz they dont care. they want their email, they want to surf a bit. and thats IT. Case in point, my mom. Imacs are apealing to her, an granted, it is well suited for her. Does what is needed, does it dirt easy, looks good (looks are subjective, and to women they really matter (stereotype, i know) and thats all she needs. Hence why Windows dominates the desktop market. because it offered a “better”/easier solution than DOS, macs are too expensive, and *nix is too cryptic. microsoft won the battle. apple will not save us, neither will linux. they are growing stronger, however, there are MANY more Joes out there. sorry. its over. im not advocating for M$ here, although Joe made the monopoly, doesnt make M$ now “okay”. they do play dirty with other companies trying to be “the one”. eck…i forget where i was going with this… <Begin flames now> :7


No need to flame! Contrary to popular conception, Microsoft wasn’t adjudged a monopoly because “no one else could beat them (or cared enough to see them beat).” The company DID illegal things to protect and enhance its market position. Neither Joe Suit nor Joe Sixpack had a chance, since they didn’t know to fight back. A similar legal battle is starting to play out in the digital content rights field. Consumers will lose again if they “accept” the notion that companies manipulating law and policy are benign entities properly balancing rights. Companies overreach all the time.


Have you seen Mac’s all in one digital station? Jobs is trying to make a new Imac that will do anything involving ‘digital’ very easily. It looks pretty, is space saving, and if it works, HOORAY!