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Hi all:
I just want to backup some favourite XBox games for my son with LiteOn 812S (i.e. for games that were recorded in SL only)before he will scratch them unreadable! But both Win2K’s Explorer, InstantCopy V8, or Nero Burning Rom V6.3.1.20 was only able to read the initial 13.6MBish files, and that is. I am sure that these Xbox Game DVD discs have different/hidden files that these Applications can hardly be seen. Could some one tell me how I could setup the above applications, or using other untold Applications, so that I can backup this SL’s Xbox discs? Or alternatively,must I have to upgrade to DL as well?

Hope that I am NOT violating this Forum in asking for the above information!

Thanks in advance


Hi DragonOne,

You can’t read Xbox discs with a regular optical drive. You need to extract the files via your Xbox to your computer but for this, your Xbox has to be modded since an FTP-connection between your Xbox and your computer has to be set-up. Once that is done you can read and extract the real files via your Xbox DVD-ROM to your computer. Burning is usually not the problem as the Xbox can read burned games just fine.


Hi G@M3FR3@K,
Thank you for the speedy reply. That means I have to network my XBox,using its Ethernet Port,with the PC’s and set them up in “File-sharing” modes so that I could view/source the XBox’s Optical Drive? Is this is only way to overcome my problem?

Thank you


you will need evox installed and assign it your xbox an ip address then ftp into the xbox and transfer the d: folder (this is dvd rom drive)…then create a proper xbox iso with a xbox iso creator (i use quix)…then burn with nero for a perfect copy.(also note if it is on + media you have to enable auto bitsetting on liteon firmware for xbox to read disk (also on a side note some xbox dvd roms are very picky on media as well i tend to have the least bother with ritek g04 purple ridisc brand in UK)…
the only other option is to actualy take the dvd rom out of your xbox (or buy an xbox dvdrom) and transfer the files to your hdd that way)
for more info and a lot better explanations than i can give here try they have tutorials and xbox tools for you there


the_hester and all others,
Thank you for such valuable information! I have briefly went through this in the “” web site and its guidance early this morning(could’nt resist the temptation,I guessed),and it is quite involved than I initially expected. I have to think it over again before I wanted to try it.

Thank you everyone! Cheers


Where is a good place to order mod chips? I know there is probably a ton of places, but just wondered where you all ordered from.

BTW, anyone have a link for this “xbox dvdrom” drive? Can I really put one in my PC and rip xbox games that way?


Do a softmod. The UDE is near-flawless, with direct booting to a hacked dash, no clockloops, access to the MS dash, etc. When worked correctly, you can also go on LIVE with the console without much adjustment. Get ltools 1.7.5, and it can be installed via Mech Assault, Splinter Cell, & Bond AUF. You can even put in a larger HD with exploits. Plus, changing the bios is as easy as dropping in a new .bin file.


Instructions can be found where …? :bigsmile:

go there to tutorial section and read up on softmodding.
i personaly use a chip which has been perfect and can be turned off and on. although those who have had success softmodding seem very happy with the results. but for me to buy or rent a copy of the game and then buy the controller memory unit was as expensive as buying a chip from a local computer fair…if your good with a soldering iron ya can permanently softmod the xbox by flashing the tsop…all instructions onm above link

and [H]itman - yes you can put the xbox drive in your pc. they sell them on the internet or ya can take the one out of your xbox…but its far easier and nicer looking to ftp to it lol. you would also still need the tool for creating a valid xbox iso image
i was also offered one from 1 of the national high street stores here in uk as they buy second hand and trade in and if the x-box is knackered then they offer the parts.


Apparently, the new 1.6 xbox’s have a write-once tsop, so no more flashing :frowning:


well dont buy a 1.6 lol…and who needs x-box live when ya can use xbconnect instead… its free and supports a hell of a lot more games than xbox live…1 more reason to set up an ftp with xbox :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for the info. I told myself I wouldn’t start backing up xbox games, but when I saw this xbox thread in the wrong forum, I knew it must be a sign. :bigsmile: Are there any tips you guys can offer? With every console I’ve modded, I always had something I wished I’d of done different, etc… so I wondered if there were some “little” things that would be good to know.


Use dvd2xbox 0.5.9 to rip to hd
Otherwise, ftp files to PC, then use craxtion 4 or qwix to build a gdf’d iso, and burn.


What mod chip should I order? I saw the X-Ecuter 3 for $59.00, but I’d rather buy a cheaper one if they will work just the same.

This is the page with the chips I’m looking at.



i use aladdin advanced which is very cheap and offers all the benefits of other expensive chips…you can turn it on or off for xbox live etc…there is no physical switch its press on button for xbox or press on button for 2 seconds for chipped xbox…
i was assured it wasa very good chip and so far i cant complain at all…
“The Aladdin Advance Xbox Mod Chip is compatible with ALL Xbox consoles to date, can be shut off for online gaming like Xbox Live and can be booted with write protection to chip. This mod chip is reported to be more feature-packed than any other chip for the Xbox, very reliable and easy to install. " from”
also this was the first link i tried but ya can prolly get cheaper but at $18.99
remember this url is for price guide only. i cant verify wether the store is legit or not and also if possible get the chip preflashed…saves you a job and the hunt for bios’s (irc #xbins ssshhhhh lol)

the most popular are the x-ecuter (pro and lite)