Xbox Backup

I’ve been using RITEK g04’ (Dvd+R) to burn xbox games. Two weeks ago I bought a new 100 pack spindle and none of them have burnt properly? The spindle is the same version and it doesnt work. I tried my friends burner and got the same hting. I also switched media and it worked, but I heard that the odds of getting a 100 pack with all shitty media is nearly impossible, anyone else have any ideas?

Ritek G04 is a DVD-R media not DVD+R
Which burner are you using?
Also there is a thread here that may be of more help to you.

You haven’t stated what problem/symptom you are having. Are they not readable in your XBOX? I’ve found -R disk compatibility in my xbox to be spotty at best. For best compatibility, you need to use +R media and set the booktype to DVD-ROM. I have many working backups of my xbox games, I use Taiyo Yuden +R disks set to -ROM booktype, no problems at all.

My problem is when I put the game in it either recognizes it as type UNKNOWN, or as game and I try torun it and it freezes. This is with the 100 pack of dvd+R that new egg sells for like 45 bucks. The thing that confuses me is that wiht my old spindle (exact same type) All my burns work? Maybe my booktype got changed, how do I set it to what you set it to? I use the nec 2500a. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance