Xbox Backup Help!



Hi everyone,

First of all I am new, and I hope that I have placed this in the right thread…

I have just bought a modded xbox 360 so I can play back ups.

I have just made a backup of three of my games using a Samsung SH-D162D ( Kreon Firmware V1.00) and an LG Super Multi GH22PN20 flashed with the latest firmware (both are internal).

I am using Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL.

This was done using the fantastic tutorial above which involved XBOX back up creator, ABGX360 and IMG Burn.

The first game I backed up was “Lost” and the copy seems to work fine (haven’t played it in depth).

The second was “Facebreaker” and the third was “King Kong” each of these load and at different stages the sound goes and the game freezes… they allow you to go back to Start menu etc but you can not progress in the game.

So I really am just trying to find out what checks I need to perform etc… but like I say, the first game is fine…

Also, I need to know how to see what firmware my 360 is on and also how to flash upgrade it if necessary, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be much obliged.

Thanks and like I said, I am new so bear with me…


Apologies for the double post, this should’ve been an addition to my thread…