Xbox and Dual Layer DVD's



Does anyone know if the Xbox will take a Dual Layer Media for game backups ?

I have some games that are just too big to fit on a standard DVD-R…

I have a modded Xbox with a Xenium Ice chip and have been very successful in backing up games that fit on a DVD-R…

Please let me know about any experiences with Dual Layer Media on the Xbox!!


My modded Xbox will not read normal +R disks so I am loath to try a dual layer +R in it.

I have no trouble with -R.

With games larger than 4.7Gb, you can sometimes leave off files (such as games demos etc) to allow the game to be burnt to a single layer disk.


i’ve tried films on dual layer +R media twice before (datawrite) and they both worked absolutly fine, just as good as single layer media in fact. As for games i don’t know, but i’ve heard people say that they’ve tried it and it works. Most games are however below 4gb anyway (i know ninja gaiden is more than 4gb) and like bob h said, you can quite often take certain files out to decrease the size.