'Xbox 720 can't play games from discs' - but has a Blu-ray drive

‘Xbox 720 can’t play games from discs’ - but has a Blu-ray drive.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/2013/01/6pNkT4.jpg[/newsimage]The new Xbox stores all games on its hard disk and while it has a Blu-ray drive, the games can't be played from a DVD or Blu-ray dis

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“Download only” gaming, eh? Sorry, but I say nay-nay. If you don’t offer me solid media, then you’ve lost a sale, because I trust electronic-only transactions about as far as I can jump to the moon.

MJ, I don’t think its Download only, I think the games install from the blu ray disc but only play off the hard drive. I install all my games so this is OK for me. But who knows maybe some games will go download-only later.
The part that really irks me is the always-on requirement.

That aside I hope there’s some killer launch content lined up.

Call that play-during-install feature a novelty, but ask a hardcore gamer who has his new black ops 3 or MW4 in their hands and is dying to play it, if they think its a novelty when its gonna take 1/2 hour to install the game (that’s a guess but I bet it will take long!). I bet we’re gonna love that feature!

Doesn’t Microsoft ever learn? Last time they cut out a critical element from one of there products (the Start Menu in particular), and replaced it with sheer utter crap, the sales of PCs started a rapid decline in sales that hasn’t been witnessed since the PC revolution began.

I’m sure that games will probably be digital-only eventually. This always-powered-on “feature” sounds like a joke. And of course, as we all know, second-handed games will become extinct (or more likely, illegal, yet thriving) since Microsoft believes in the power of DRM. Not to mention their paranoia that someone might engage in piracy as that would truly be the end of the world. Did I mention that Microsoft is probably doing this only so they can raise the prices of X-Box Hard Drives?

As for the “Xbox 4”, or whatever they call it, they’ll probably decide that controllers are too “obsolete”, and force us to use Kinect, until some hacker(s) find(s) a way to add a controller. Guess what? No one will want to buy anything X-Box related.

I think this is a pretty bad move. How many people swap games (or lend games) to their friends, buy used, or rent games.

The only way I could see them getting away with it is if the ps4 was also doing the same thing. If Sony doesn’t implement these features on the ps4 I think its game over for Microsoft.

I’ve quite liked the last two generations of xbox’s. I won’t support this though.

The only thing worse than this is all digital because the xbox marketplace rarely puts anything on sale.

always on device + enforced internet connection + enforced kinect = big brother is watching you

[QUOTE=Susi999;2681702]always on device + enforced internet connection + enforced kinect = big brother is watching you[/QUOTE]

I believe the always on and always connected is so that Microsoft can read what you have on your system… I know there will be someone out there that will crack it… and I think you are right they will be watching…

Bad Move…

they obviously haven’t learned anything from the disaster of the new Sims City game. EA have found out the hard way what customers think about DRM and the ‘always on’ gaming. turned a launch into a fiasco!

Yeah I’d like to think I can boycott the new console too based on my principles. But then some awesome title like (hopefully) Mech Assault 3 or whatever will make me forget all that and just buy the damn thing.
There have been rumors about PS4 and XBOX 720 not supporting used games but its not clear. Sony’s recent statements make me think they are setting it up such that you can re-sell your online / download-only license, and for a % to Sony no doubt.
Think about it, its a model that guarantees them a cut on all used sales. Why wouldn’t they embrace this ? Considering most game publishers make their games for both consoles, they have a big say and so I think the same used game policy will be adopted on both consoles. Apple recently applied for a patent on re-selling “used” app store content, same concept.
Re-sell your “online” content, welcome to the digital age :slight_smile:

If MS is really going a head (which it seems they are) I think Sony would be best to not implement it. People want their games to work in whatever console they stick in the disc in.

If there’s two next gen consoles and one makes it a pain in the ass to share games, rent’em, sell 'em, take 'em to a friends. The other console is going to clean house.

I don’t think making a digital share scheme where sony gets a small cut would help either. Not nearly as easy as handing a disc to a friend or selling at a used game store.