Xbox 360

Can someone help me please, I have just got a moded xbox360 i have a couple back up coppies of games is it possible to burn these disc to disc i have tried nero6 and clone dvd 5, they both say burn successful but when i go to play them they dont work, i’m using a pioneer 111 writer, then i would love to know how to copy a downloaded game, any help would greatly be appreciated, email

I think this has something to do with where you set the Layer Break. In theory, if you copy this disc in the same way you copied your original disc, then the second copy should also work.

Maybe you should try using ImgBurn.

i will try tonight with xbc and let you know

He got downloaded games but he is unable to read the .nfo files how to burn a pirated game… that’s funny. :smiley: And he uses CloneDVD to copy data disks, my God. What about giving a try to CloneCD (NOT DVD!!!), or Imgburn/DVDDecrypter ?

regards, Stephen