Xbox 360

so who got one already???

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i wish i had one already :slight_smile:

yea me2

there were a bunch of nuts around my area that waited in line at walmart from around 8 last night…to get a lottery number to …get one at midnight…how silly…

can`t buy one here before 2-3. des. … worldrelease my a$$

Yup, I’m sorry but even a for a videogame system that I was absolutely DYING to own, I would never pay the rediculous pre-order fee, nor wait in line for several hours in the freezing cold to get one. I saw on G4 last night that some nuts actually had been in line for 72 hours. WTF? The only intelligent thing about purchasing a 360 this early in the game seems to be the folks who are making a killing off of them on ebay. That is before the market gets flooded with them in early december. Remember that MS did the exact same thing with the original XBOX. For the first 2-3 weeks they couldn’t be had for love or money and then the first or second week of december they flooded the damn stores with them. I bet the poor fools who are buying them on ebay right now are going to be kicking themselves in the arse in a few weeks. I might pick up a couple to pitch on ebay though. I certainly don’t want a launch console though as there are always bugs to be worked out. That and it will be almost a year before they really get a good selection of titles for it.


^dude thats nothing…they were going for like 2K early in the day…i actually saw one for 6K with like 10 bids…its friggin ridiculous, wish I would have ordered like 30 from microsoft claiming i have a store and then sell all of them on ebay and Id be a rich little b*stard right now

Either way, the folks who have them now are pretty much gauranteed to make $150-$200 each off of them (and that is a conservative estimate). The only thing that would suck is trying to explain all of that extra income to the IRS. :eek: With the profit from 30 systems you could buy a pretty nice used car.

I planned to get one as soon as it becomes available, but I’m glad I did not order it yet. I read about many crashes etc… so I’m glad I decided to wait…

The crashes seem to be more related to overheating in tiny Wal-Mart kiosks after being on/played for rediculous amounts of time. I agree thought that this sucker does have some serious potential for overheating. I have heard that they are noisy as hell due to all of the fans. Even the power supply is supposed to have one. That will probably be the first thing fixed on the next revision (same as the first generation XBOX). Either way though, I agree that it is not a good idea to buy a launch console for personal use (only for making rediculous amounts of money on ebay).

Just two 60mm fans? What are the constraints of packing that power in a smaller case?

JR: Heat, for one. All that power generates a lot of heat, and you have to find a way to keep the unit cool. Fan size was interesting. We originally wanted to put in a single 80mm fan. But we couldn’t fit it in the final form factor chassis.

We couldn’t just go with one 60mm fan because it would not provide the required cooling—as the diameter of the fan increases the air flow performance per revolution increases exponentially. So we ended up putting in two 60mm fans, and we came up with a water-cooled heat sink as well for the CPU. We’ve actually applied for a patent on that one.

The water cooled term is being used loosely; actually it is a heat sink constructed of a copper base, aluminum stamped fins and copper heat pipe. The heat pipe contains water and a vacuum is pulled on the pipe prior to sealing.

Water under a vacuum boils at a lower temperature than at atmospheric pressure, so when the water boils and becomes steam, the steam rises and moves the heat higher into the fins where the air flow from the fans can extract the heat more efficiently. Once the steam is cooled it condenses and flows back down the pipe as water to the copper base of the heat sink, which is attached to the processor to continue the condensing and cooling processes cycle.

My LCD monitor has a cooling fan, too. It’s quite noisy. Many notebooks are noisy as well.

[I]Processing Powerhouse
The custom-designed Xbox 360 central processing unit (CPU) runs at a breakneck speed, thanks to its three separate core processors that clock in at 3.2 GHz each.

Xbox 360 boasts a custom ATI graphics processor that clocks in at a blistering 500 MHz. If you want to get even more technical (and who doesn’t?) Xbox 360 can take advantage of more than four times as many polygons as the original Xbox® console, and more than four times (seeing a pattern here?) the number of pixels per second.[/I]

I read somewhere the CPU by IBM costs just about US$106 per unit. Dual-core Pentium D 3.2GHz should cost like US$30, not US$300 since Intel makes a lot more processors than IBM. :slight_smile:

Well those crashes make me wait and not get one on 2nd Dec. I hoped M$ do it better this time, but seems I was wrong. I cannot belive why those guys buy this machine via Ebay at such a high price… I have seen several stores in Europe that offer pre-order and to be honest there were not that many guys who were interested in that. Probably the overpriced European version (399 euro vs 399 usd, it’s time to change that) plus the crashes will keep guys like me from buying one soon. Maybe the V1.1 will be better…

regards, Stephen

You are a long way from PS2-scene steven. :wink: Good to see you here though.

Hmm, looks like they only scaled the UK price to £270 and not the rest of Europe.

A friend of mine bought the console a few days ago. One crash thus far (in Xbox live!).