Xbox 360 with build-in HD DVD player

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Web rumors predict a possible remake of the Xbox 360 with build-in HD DVD player. The rumors say that the new version is brought up to make the 360 stand stronger against the Playstation 3.
It is…

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wooo-hooo just another thing to piss off current owners. ive already bought 2 - 360s due to the RRoD. im not buying another for a hd drive. and if they start making the games so that you need the drive, then im done with them. ill sell it off and go with the wii or ps3… seems M$ is never going to learn, there greed knows no bounds… IMO that is.

:S So I guess you never complain when next year model car comes with bluetooth or side airbag curtain for passengers standard. Or maybe your pissed since your car doesn’t have synch in it. Just because newer model get something else doesn’t mean you got ripped off. new features and standard always happen with newer model that just the fact of life. Why wouldausers get pissed off that new models have somthing new. Will you get pissed off if the new Wii model comes with a DVD player in their next model will yah? :r