All new to the inside of the xbox so forgive me. Is there any step by step on software needed etc to do what this guy wants. I am a computer nerd so not completely stupid.
I have bought a new dvd drive its the same firmware ms28, the old drive was a x800473-015 new one is x800473-019. The shop i bought it from (online) says it should all work great once the key is put in.
So how & where do i get the key from which is in my xbox i believe? i have tried other groups and they were no help, they said i could not get it bla bla, so if anyone can explain what i have to do, i have no cpu number etc etc, i have not made any backups of anything, never needed
Sorry for being a mong. Help would be much appreciated.

They are talking about the dvd key that’s in the firmware. Seen as they are both the same drive you could just swap over the pcb from the old drive to the new one save messing about swapping the key over.