Xbox 360 to block third-party storage

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Starting next week, Microsoft will take aim at unofficial storage devices for the Xbox 360, rendering them useless for some console owners.

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Class action anyone?

i hate when MS does stuff like this. it makes them look like the bad guy. MS just like to control everything, as usual :frowning: … because it aint like using devices like this are going to make the system not work properly etc.

MS probably does this to keep costs high. so you have to pay for there generally overpriced devices. sorta like how people use hacks to use 120GB hard drives in there XBox360 for less than half the price of buying a official 120GB hard drive add-on.

same thing goes that my X-Arcade arcade stick which most likely wont get a adapter to work on the XBox360 which would be real nice to have for playing games like UMK3 (Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3) etc etc. (not that i cant just play a arcade perfect version on the PC using MAME emulator but that’s not the point :wink: )

Thats absolutely shocking, even for MS!

you can do something about it, and it’s easy. Sign this petition telling Micro$oft to remove this “Feature” from the update. Sign and pass along

This appears to be more of an Apple act, than Microsoft. Shocking!