Xbox 360 thief busted due to Xbox Live

I just posted the article Xbox 360 thief busted due to Xbox Live.


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Glad he was caught. Good move on the victim’s part on getting his unit tracked down via the Xbox Live login.

What a dumb ass. Really. I mean he actually plugged in the network cable and connected to Live. He deserves a harsh punishment, sounds like he’s stolen from a lot of people…

i agree with ivid.

that guy must be a little slow when it comes to that stuff. but i am glad he got busted because stealing from a average citizen is just plain wrong, especially something like a XBox360 which is not pocket change.

Gilliam, who was suspected of stealing items from at least a dozen unlocked cars, was located at his grandmother’s house, where police found stolen video games, game consoles, notebooks, and other electronics. According to New York City detectives, the suspect had at least 53 stolen items in the house, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Detectives believe Gilliam could be linked to as many as 200 car break-ins and a few home burglaries, though the suspect has been charged with only one grand larceny count.

as was said above… it looks like he was screwing over a lot of people :frowning: