Xbox 360 recall

owie. duno if its listed anywhere, but some units with the hdds overheat. apparently they didnt test them enough on the production housing, only on the larger dev units.

resolution : MS pays shipping both ways to fix the problem. Retailers will not accept returns. I hope if anyone works in customer service at a place that sells them, you run and hide.

at least, thats what is happening at work here

how many?


Microsoft shipping products with serious defects! Who would have thought we’d ever see the day?

When is the linux community releasing the TBox360 with low RPM HDD & low spec CPU without any real 3D capability, which is practically given away for a few dollars, but outperforms the Xbox360 by more than 50%?

All of them as far as I know, I read a few of days ago that it can be fixed by raising the power supply off the ground