Xbox 360 price cut, now $100 less then PS3



I just posted the article Xbox 360 price cut, now $100 less then PS3.

When Reuters reports that Microsoft will cut the price from the Xbox 360 Pro (with 20GB HDD) console from $349, to $299, making it $100 cheaper than Sony’s Playstation 3 you can bet on it…

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wonder if we will see it drop here in the uk as well all they need to do now of course is drop game prices to £15 for new releases and we all laughing except ***y u know who i mean


Well the 360 did come out first so it’d be kind of dumb if it was still as expensive as the PS3. I personally wait until all the dust has settled and they both iron out all the flaws + games are cheap, then I jump into the console market again.

Looks like PS3 has some games I can’t miss out on though. Who cares about the pricing - it’s the games that count. Without good games a console is nothing.