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Here we have
some insight from the GamesIndustry website, that gives us an inkling of the cost
combination of the Xbox 360 with the external HD-DVD drive added. Of course
this is very…

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£130 aint too bad i guess. they should sell an ultimate 360 with it built in tho for like £380 so that it saves us £20.

Guess MS shouldn’t have been so vocal about the PS3 pricing. haha :S Go Nintendo!

yes, i agree. i hope sony or nintendo will kick them ass because of their vanity

Wake up this is misinformation ! Or miscalculation… 279 GBP = $525 US but it sells for $399 in the US. Calculating based on the same discrepancy in UK/US prices it can derived that the HD-DVD drive will be $185 US, the combo would then be $585, coming in a little under the premium PS3. That’s based on current specs and price, and assuming the HD-DVD price will be ~25% lower than UK like the XBOX is. I’m betting 360 drops in price or includes a bigger hard drive or a game in the premium system to attract buyers.
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Yeah, this article is a little misleading. Their using the Xbox 360 core system (the cheaper one) in their calculations and comparing it to the 60GB PS3 (the expensive one). They should have compared it to the 20GB PS3, which by my guesstimations would still be cheaper.

Premium Xbox360 + HDDVD comes = GBP 279 + GBP 130 = GBP 409 PS3 60GB = GBP 419 Prices will be almost the same (with XBox360 coming down but without a remote IR or a DVI/HDMI interface).