Xbox 360 now $199

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Effective today, Microsoft has cut the price of it’s Xbox 360 game consoles, with the lowest priced Xbox 360 Arcade option ringing in at $199, down from the previous held price of $279. The Xbox 360…

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The Wii is kicking both their asses!

According to NPD Canada:
Wii =1,060,000,
Xbox =870,000
PS3 = 520,000

Sales in 2008 through August:
Xbox = 154,000
Wii = 376,000

Yeah but you can compare the Wii to more of a toy then an actual entertainment system like the PS3 and the xbox. Also I know a few people that are tired of there Wii and have sold or hardly use there systems. I also know 1 person that hasn’t bought a single game for it they have just been playing the sports games that came with it. Most people I know who have an xbox 360 or PS3 constantly play it and buy multiple games within a year. Last Nintendo is just great at suckering kids into buying there crap look at pokemon.

Tood bad the current Xbox’s can’t be flashed. I had to go and buy a used one.

ATTN Sony:

If the PS3 dropped to $200 I would buy one tomorrow.

While I’m not as big of a gamer as I was from 1985-1997, I do find myself going to big gaming parties, etc.

And of the people I’ve met that have both XBox360’s & Wii’s, most admit that the Wii has mainly been gathering dust, as it was more of an impulse purchase. Kind of glad now I didn’t bother, haven’t been much of a Nintendo fan since the NES/SNES days.

Tempting the PS3 boys to get a 360 aswell… Im a 360 fanboy but if Sony had a 199 price tag I would get one in a heartbeat. Bluray and a few Sony only games would make it worth the cash. Whats a bored Sony fan to do… When he has a few hundred dollars and nobody is watching. Halo, Gears, Shadowrun, Crackdown, ect all are very nice games.

Most 360 fans like Nintendo and have no interest in bringing any pain and suffering to the land of Mario. Microsoft has fallen into 3rd place in the month end sales, but its gonna take 10 years for Sony to pass the 360 in installed base. At 50 000 extra PS3 sales per month it takes 20 months to gain a million. Its a long slow road and Microsoft just added a up hill tilt to the game with its 199 Arcade.
Honest people with half a brain know Sonys price drop is in the works… No choice they have to. You can thank MS for that gift.

Crabbyappleton wrote “The Wii is kicking both their asses!”

Quantity does not equal Quality