Xbox 360 - no Blu-ray for you!

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Microsoft denies Ballmer’s promise of Blu-ray for the Xbox 360

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Translation: the XBOX 360 Blu Ray drive will be announced any day now.

:wink: I seem to remember similar denials before the HD DVD player announcement.

Seriously though, it would be a breeze for MS to supprt BR. All the work they did for the HD DVD codecs would be put to use. Relatively speaking there should be minimal engineering effort to make an addon BR player work. Why not support all the options. BR is obviously becoming a popular format.

Now how about YouTube support MS ?!?!

It’s unfortunate to have external BD player internal will be a lot better.

“the future of movies is on-demand, actually, as opposed to via distribution on physical media”.
Ohh hoo hoo thats bloody rich especially when many places on our great N. American Content limit the Gb per month so you are lucky to watch three BluRay movies per month due to the frick’n quotas.

Nope… physical media will still be omnipresent for now until…

  1. All ISPs everywhere get off their fat arses and demand much better network infrastrucure from the larger providers and gov’t supporting remote areas also.
  2. Faster speeds and NO quotas
  3. Cheaper rates.

All of the above I don’t remotely see happening for a long time so streaming everything like a full game with gbs and gbs of art content won’t be doable for at least 5-10years, conservatively.

Do the clowns who made the press release even know what the bit rate is for a 1080p stream? Do they think everyone owns a fiber connection to the internet? Keep dreamin’ there M$.

I don’t think MS would do it, because there’s no money in it for them.

The HD DVD addon was roughly $200 CDN.

If they started to sell an external bluray drive, the price of said drive, plus the 120gb 360 model, would have to be less than a ps3. The elite is 250 cdn, and I can’t see them selling the addon for 50 bux.

to sell one at the usual microsoft jacked up peripheral prices, it would really show how much value the ps3 has built it, that microsoft charges for. PS3 has 120gb hard drive, bluray, built in wireless networking.

I think the games on the 360 are better, but the fact that sony doesn’t nickel and dime you for extra parts earns brownie points.