Xbox 360 mp4 ffmpg - 69-80054005



I have a PC (XP Pro) and an XBox 360 networked together. I’ve been having a horrible time converting vob/ifo rips of my DVDs into something that I can stream to the xbox. I tried xilisoft divx and xvid - didn’t like the quality etc. This morning, found a tutorial for Handbrake. I burned 6 short test files at different bandwidth and encoders and settled on ffmpeg around 3000 kbps and saved as mp4 files. I also tried h.264 and it was too slow to encode.

Played my test files just fine. Queue up a bunch of regular ifo/vobs to convert and now when I try to play them I get xbox error 69-80004005 media not supported. WTF - my test files played fine - now I can’t even get one of those test files to play?! This is getting aggravating…

I don’t care what software I use / buy. I just want to be able to rip a vob and then convert it to something that will look good on our tv and play consistently.