Xbox 360 launched with InterVideo DVD playback software

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 February 08,  2006 08:00 AM US Eastern Timezone Microsoft Xbox 360 Launched With InterVideo DVD Engine Playback Software;  Software Supports DVD Video Playback and Windows MCE Playback Using the...
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they said in there press release they announced this last may so all this press release is doing is rubbing it in our faces that they are the reason the xbox 360 has crappy dvd playback?

IF they were smart enough, you’d think that would have added High Definition WMV support for the High def films they are currently offering (talk about pulling the wool over our eyes). Maybe after reading this they’ll pull a fast one and corner the market!

B.S. !! MS are full of it. I am an angry 360 owner who is PO’ed at the HUGE LIMITATIONS of the media capabilites of 360. It plays WMV HD but they won’t let you play it from a burned DVD or anything but a Windows Media Center PC. So we’re all supposed to throw out our XP PC’s and buy Media Center PC’s to have this feature, when streaming video is is completely supported by Windows Media Connect on XP !!! AARRRRRRRGHH !!! XBMC running on my 4 year old modded XBOX BLOWS AWAY 360’s media capabilites. It lets me play HD XVID at 1080i from any PC on my network ! Get your act together MS and we won;t need to be modding our boxes to make killer media centers !!