Xbox 360 Kinect open source hack prize offered at $2,000

Xbox 360 Kinect open source hack prize offered at $2,000.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Adafruit Industries website has publicly launched a new open source engineering project with a $2,000 cash reward up for grabs.  Coders need to hack the newly released Microsoft Kinect game platform, with the "X prize" going to the best open source drivers for the Kinect.

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Does this really constitute copyright infringement? If you are writing your own software that can utilize Microsoft hardware, how is this any different than Linux working with a Microsoft mouse? They just want to create drivers for existing hardware that is compatible with Linux and other OS based systems. Should be a no brainer legally speaking, but then again this is M$ we are talking about…

I suspect that they are against it because Kinect is probably being sold below cost. If it isn’t used for Xbox games then they have no way to recover the costs.