Xbox 360 issue . . . Yeah Yeah PS3

So i got a Samsung w Kreon burning w a Sony. Flashed 360 all the Jaz. But i seem to be having an issue with some backups.

First the backups don’t install the updated software. It keeps saying your lenses is dirty no biggie since i have the original.
The real issue is how come some games will play for about 10min or more specifically until the middle of Level one then give me dirty lense issue?? some times i get the red rings and have to restart my 360. This only occurs on newer games. Seems like the older the game i backup the better it plays. How can i Fix This?
I cleaned the lenses and its a fairly new 360 with IExtreme 1.6. Using imageburn with a pre-set layer break. Do i need a Patch or some kid of buffer for newer games? it plays good till the first level or 10min so cant imagine thats the prob.

Whats going on here?

What media are you using?

Funny i was just thinking that when i posted this. I have been using memorex recommended w my burner and not had an issue yet. this might prove to be the exception im in the process of sacrificing a Verbatim now. :smiley: However i doubt thats the issue since Memorex has always worked fine. Im also going to try riping one again, maybe it screwy somewhere in the RIP.

Could try re-ripping see if that works but Memorex media can made by many different manufactures. Sacrificing a Verbatim, you don’t have many of them then I take it. All I use for my 360 backups are Verbatim and I have not had a problem yet.

Thanks Yoda i will re-post in a few Hrs. After another Rip and Verbaim.

OK i resolved the “Dirty lenses” issue. First i cleared the Xbox Cache, to do this My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Device Options (press Y at the hard drive) > X, X, LB, RB, X, X > “YES”. Re-Riped the Original then used Verbatim in place of the Memorex. Issue resolved if i had to guess i would say the Verbatim did it and clearing the Cache def improved the sound quality. Thanks Yoda.:slight_smile:

Good choice on going with Verbatim for double-layer DVDs, in this case. :slight_smile:

Memorex (and other brands distributed by Imation) usually get their double-layer DVD media from Ritek (which is known to have compatibility issues with many burners - particularly, the discs appear to have completed their burns successfully, but playing back the finished product on other equipment has proved very iffy). Memorex occasionally also gets its double-layer DVD media from India’s Moser Baer (many Moser Baer DVD+R DL discs use “RICOHJPN”-series MIDs).