Xbox 360 is the new Telus IPTV set-top cable box



Xbox 360 is the new Telus IPTV set-top cable box.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Canadian telephone company Telus will now give Microsoft Xbox 360 owners the chance of using the game console as a backup or a secondary TV set-top box in the home.

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Not surprising that Telus wants to configure the box themselves.
Their Techs intentionally take the PVR Manual just so the Customer has to call them to program the remote for new devices.
Ask them about their sound sync problem (envision every program looking like an old Bruce Lee movie) and how few areas can actually get HD.
BTW, Telus is limited to two and only two set top boxes per household.
Guess they had to dangle some sort of Carrot to lure new subscribers.