Xbox 360 images leaked from taping of MTV show

I just posted the article Xbox 360 images leaked from taping of MTV show.

 As many of  you Xbox fans already know, Microsoft is unveiling it's next generation console  May 12 on MTV. However, they already taped the show. Needless to say, even  though security was tight...
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Is it just me or is this one of the ugliest consoles I have seen in years? If this is a TRUE picture of it

Everything looks pretty sweet. Looks like it’s been designed to do better in the Jap market. Would be good if the silver button turned the console on/off but I doubt it. Now I just want to know the complete specs for it! :slight_smile:

Take into account it is actually brushed steel and not white as it appears in that picture. This is quick snap grab pic, its not flattering for the look of the console. I also understand it will be available in a number of colours.

A bit un-original looking for my taste. Looks like your average cross of an Apple and a PC. On the plus side at least its a country mile better than the big black plastic monstrosity that was the original.

Wow, that is beautiful. Once again Microsoft does it the right way. :slight_smile:

Not a bad desighn but there is something really important missing… only two controller ports :frowning: This makes me remember all the fun I had with my two Xbox’s and Laning Halo 1 Back in the day. Only two controller ports you say, GOD HELP US ALL!!!
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Esthetically it doesn’t do it for me, it doesn’t seem futureproof in its design. Maybe if it had a solid aluminium casing with lots of evenly spaced holes like a lian li case, but obviously much smaller, with a top ejecting dvd drive that smoothly pops up and retracts downwards (not a tray or slot system)… Minimalist - less is more. I realise the whole package needs to be priced competitively, so perhaps down the track a ‘deluxe’ model will be available for those who appreciate style and elegance ( the lexus of consoles if you will ). Of course its possible that this is just a dummy design and the real xbox will look much more slicker… I can’t imagine MS spending millions and ending up with such a ‘on the first sight’ depressing design.

If you all look at the bottom of the controller in the up-close controller picture, I wonder what that port or ports are for?

The controllers are wireless, the plug ports you can see on the front of the case are memory slots. The ports on the controller itself are for the headset and other peripherals!

That’s exactly right, two memory cards, NOT controller ports. Since the controllers are wireless, there’s nothing stopping the system from support 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 controllers at once. Although splitting your Halo 3 screen into 24 parts will really suck, even at true HDTV resolution. BTW, I’m a graphic designer and I have to agree, this is the ugliest console I have ever seen. White is not the “IN” color for console electronics, black is (or silver and/or mirror glass). Nobobdy wants a white blog next to their BLACK tv, BLACK dvd player, BLACK vhs player, etc. I’m really not happy with MS right now, first they break the 5yr rule for releasing a new console, then they make it ass ugly. I think the designers at MS love their iPod too much.
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Looks like one of those old Dell OptiPlex computers:,1735,s=1564&iid=68365,00.asp