XBOX 360 HD DVD DRIVE- Weird Problem

HI there, I have DVDFab Platinum version 3126 that I bought. I also have an XBOX 360 HD DVD drive. When using DVDFab under windows XP-64 bit, things seem to work fine. I put in a HD dvd into the XBOX drive and DVDFab scans it. I also noticed that the DVD movie appears in DVD Drive M which I can see the folders of the HD DVD. The normal drive letter listed in my computer for the XBOX 360 HD DVD is Drive G. So apparently, Drive M is a virtual drive created by DVDFab. However, under regular Windows XP 32-bit, I see my XBOX 360 DVD drive listed as DVD Drive G. But when I put in the same HD DVD movie as I did when running things under Windows XP 64-bit, Drive G changes to “CD Drive G” When that happens, DVDFab can’t see the movie anymore to process it. Does anyone know what would cause that problem? Why the problem does not affect Windows XP 64, I"m not sure. This problem happened on another computer I have, which is running a CLEAN install of Windows XP 32-bit without any other software or any antivirus/antispyware. Anybody else have this problem and what you did to fix it? Thanks, Bruno