Xbox 360 hack increases demand for Dual Layer DVD discs

I just posted the article Xbox 360 hack increases demand for Dual Layer DVD discs.

I don’t know how many of you have a hacked Xbox 360 or know someone that has one, but according to Digitimes the manufacturers of DVD+R and DVD-R Dual Layer discs are reporting that they’ve sold many…

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I don’t care why but lowers prices are always good. I would say it is limited need of use. Most of the time I have no need for Dual Layer but I will soon with my digital photos I backup getting larger, but even then I can still use single layer discs.

I doubt hacks alone can drive up sales especially since the number of people awared of hacked 360 is very low…

… your right the number of people who know how to hack a xbox 360 i s very low, so low infact i don’t know how you do it care remove my ignorance? Http link or google search words would be good …

The hack “simply” involves hacking the DVD drive firmware. Someone does the hacking, releases a hacked firmware and you update the drive’s firmware on your Xbox 360. Of course you’ll need to attach the drive to your PC. You know about modded firmwares to improve a drive performance? Well, in this case the idea is to “improve” its performance by asking it to accept running games from backup discs. :wink: And a resource like is your friend if you wish to find info about all Xbox related things. :wink:

Oh and LOTS and LOTS of people know about these hacks. If you don’t it just means you’re not much into the Xbox “scene” and what’s going on. A resource like the one I mentioned above has 311066 forum members. Now think about the myriad who go there and simply don’t register… You can have access to all the site/forum without registering… And this is one resource, there are many many more… The “Technical DVD-ROM and Modified DVD Firmware Forum” (the hacks…) alone contains 5373 topics and 36795 replies.

DVD-R DL ? How could one use that on the Xbox360 ? Lightning UK! wrote: “The layer break (switch) position on DVD-R DL media is fixed, on DVD+R DL media you can move it around. So unless your DL image was originally built with a layerbreak at EXACTLY the same point the fixed DVD-R DL one is at, you’ll never get a proper burn. When the physical layerbreak position doesn’t match the IFO files properly, some players will just hang / crash etc. If you can move the physical layerbreak position on the media (as is the case with DVD+R DL), this clearly isn’t an issue.” So that is quite questionable what does DVD-RL DL have to do with X360 hacking… But never mind. regards, Stephen

I think for normal gamers…tearing your system APART is not something they wanna do…I think the average consumer wouldn’t fix it unless it is broken…Less then 10 percent of gamers are willing to open up there system for a possible improvement.

It not a small ‘improvement’. Its free games forever. Thats slightly more than an ‘improvement’ in my mind.

So does that mean that there is a publicly known hack for this now? The last i heard it was just an elite group of hackers that would not share the knowledge with the public, except to prove that they did it via a video clip online. If there is a publicly known hack for this, then please post the info. thanks.