Xbox 360 games won't work any more with new pioneer

I have been successfully burning 360 games for ages now using a pioneer burner, imgburn and verbatim DL discs. BUT I bought a new PC, installed a new pioneer burner, kept using verbatim discs and now my xbox tells me its only a DVD i have in my tray!?!?! When I try to load the game it just hangs on the big xbox 360 screen with the ball. WTF? As I live between two homes at the moment (its complicated!!), I haven’t hooked up my old pc to test out a disc burnt from that yet.

Any ideas why this is happening? I have read in other threads it could be copyright software on the games.

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: Don’t know what happened with the title!!! Apologies mods.

The mystery deepens… I went to watch a film on my 360 that i had burned on my new pc and the same thing happened - the screen hung on the “xbox 360” screen but when i put it in my dvd player, it worked fine. My old games and films work fine on my 360 but not the ones I burn on my new pc, yet the new ones i burn work in every other dvd player except the 360.

I’m mystified.

same thing happen to my i cant really brun game anymore it all fail all it show in my xbox is the logo xbox 360