Xbox 360 games failure



Hi, i have just bought an Pioneer 111D and crossflashed it to 111l. I was going to burn an Xbox 360 game and used clonecd. The version is 5… something. It sais layer break=1913760. I know many have had the same problem, but i can’t find the guide to the solution.

Then I tried imgburn, and when i started copying it said: semaphor timeout and resat. It keept burning and in the end it said something about the .vob, and VIDEO_TS files, but it’s not a DVD movie:( The version is the newest.

Can someone help me with me problem, and help me find a easy solution to burn my xbox 360 games?

I have earlier used dvddecrypter to DVD, but what can you recommend?


alright matey i use imgburn with no probs, just make sure layer break is set to same as clone cd 1913760, are you sure its not ur game file thats the problem


Hello every1, please if there is any1 out there that can help me with my problem, as my problem is, with backing up original 360 games i have no problem i have got the SH-162c and i flashed it with Kreon flash and beautiful, it works like a charm and the software i use to back up is xbox backup creator and sometimes Schtrom v3, but the point is i only back up PAL games as i live in Australia and we use PAL games but what has happen, Microsoft have resorted to their old tricks again and advertise the new games that are being released here in Auzzie land as PAL but their not, they are NTSC and i can not seem to have my samsung SH-162c pick up the NTSC games. Schtrom or xbox creator keep saying no valid xbox game in Drive. I am so frustrated please i dont know what to do as i know its false advertising but you can not do anything but try to work around it.Do i have to flash my drive with another sought of firmware or what can i do to make it happen. Thank you as your advise is very appreciated.
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I had the same problem as you. I was using the Schtrom v3.1, then I download Schtrom v3.2 and it works perfectly…at least i reads the image from the dvd game, then you have to convert the image , and burn it!
I hope it will help you!


can i use a dvd burner such as lg or pioneer that isn’t dual layered to burn xbox 360 games?