Xbox 360 game copys lg gsa-h42n

I have an lg gsa-h42n I tried burning a xbox 360 game with clone cd I used a dvd+r dl verbatim and the game didn’t work any help? Plz

Duh, a normal Xbox 360 dvd drive will not accept copies.

I got my 360 drive flashed


did u d/l the game frm the net and then burn? or did u rip an original, there are only x4 drives that you can use to rip originals, 2 samsung ( 1ide an one sata) and 2 toshiba (again 1 is ide and the oither is a sata drive) xbox 360 is very fussy when it comes to playing copys, flashed or not, i use a pioneer 111 ro burn mine on verbs at 2.4 speed