Xbox 360 Game Burner

Okay so I downloaded from a couple xbox 360 torrents. I used winrar to extract the files onto my desktop and i was left with an .iso file. Now I burned this onto a dvd+r dl, popped the disk into my xbox and it did not work. I later learned my xbox needs to be modded and I do not want to do that. I also learned there are websites that u can sign up for $30 and you can download unlimited games that u can burn onto a dvd disc without modding your xbox. But all of this requires money. So I just want to know, does anyone know if there is a way to take those .iso files and use a program that will make it xbox compatible without modding my xbox or if anyone knows if there is a website that gives you free games to download that you can burn onto a disc without xbox modding for free. i know this is a lot but thank you.

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