Xbox 360 final hardware design leaked!

I just posted the article Xbox 360 final hardware design leaked!.

Some new pictures have been circulating web forums the last days, but now there seems to be a more realistic final design photo, which was probably leaked by an industry insider…

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A faceplate reveals Xbox’s new design? What a piece of nonsense.

If it inst a fake, Gate is having too much time so that killing off oneself product brand image turns into an exciting experience for him! :wink: no pun intended.

xbox2 will kick ps3’s butt bring it on bill :S

That is a thing of beauty. Microsoft really knows how to do things the right way. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah. I’ve seen all sorts of “final” designs, including one that supposedly resembles a PowerMac. According to team Xecuter, this is the current mock-up for the big press release and it is not expected to be the final design.

Is the symbol on the power button the same as on the previous x-box? (I don’t know, I don’t own one.) It looks like the power button from an Apple computer.

like lambs to the slaughter

Speaking of the button, the light is lobsided, like a poor photoshop job. Surely an image for a real press release is either gonna be a photo or a professionally done design, not this cheap attempt.

Well it is a Photoshop design, not a photo. But yes, I question the lop sided light circle. You can see the picture at full size at
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