Xbox 360 external HD-DVD drive supports movies, not games

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Man, this blue laser launch for both formats is really turning into a marketing fiasco. In this report from DigiTimes, we learn that the external drive for the Xbox360 will not support…

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WTF is high definition gaming and how does it relate to physical media, be it DVD or HD-DVD? That’s pure nonsense. “Taiwan-based game developers think blue-laser support for games is key for the Xbox 360 to be competitive with the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)” I don’t know about physical size of console games, but I’m more inclined to belive those tainaese based game developers are morons. I have yet to see a PC game that exceeds single layer 4.7GB DVD. I would think console games should be no different, save for lengthy HD in-game videos. Well, if that is the case they better stop filling console games with useless videos to puff it up and create something fun and innovative…

Why im not surprised, PS3 gonna own (i hate them both, im a PC for ever user).

As someone once said: “its just an updated version of the original Xbox, it should be named Xbox 1.5”

I wonder if blue laser game discs would have to be in compliance with all the AACS and HDCP crap and this is what has MS turned off? Most people wont have a display that will play nicey-nicey with such a disc. At the very least, if they let you know from the get go, that these players just can playback movies, then it is the HD-DVD people that will get the irate calls when they are unable to play them on the Xbox on their display. Not to mention, for HD Microsoft has the WMV red laser solution. heheheheheh
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Sounds like a non-issue. I doubt any games, for either PS3 or Xbox360, will need the capacity of Blu-ray or HD-DVD. A game doesn’t exist that uses anywhere near the space of a regular DVD. The only way to fill them would be to use ultra high resolution textures, and create extremely large and detailed levels. Only problem with that, is that the consoles don’t have the RAM to handle such hugeness.

Why is everyone so up in arms about the HD-DVD drive not supporting games? MS stated this fact FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! Yet people are all surprised now when they find out there won’t be any HD-DVD games. The format the game is on has nothing to do with the content when talking about games. “Oh, it can’t be HD cause it’s on a DVD” is amusing, but, ignorant. There may come a time when games outgrow DVD’s, but, so far, we haven’t even come close to that happening. Besides, there’s no reason you can’t have a multi-dvd game. Convenient? No, but, it does keep the mfg costs down in the end. I don’t think Sony is going to find BluRay to be very profitable for a while. Maybe not in this generation. Only time will tell. But for those complaining that games won’t come out on HD-DVD for xbox 360, really, IT DOES NOT MATTER.

(HD = High Definition) If I understand correctly, AACS only applies to HD video (HD-DVD or BD). It is not used for HD ROM (computer data). So games (PC or console) do not have this encryption. Like SamuriHL said, the format or content of the files has nothing to do with the media it resides on. You could probably put HD content on a floppy disk, but not very much would fit. Think of a short song in WAV format. It probably would not fit on a floppy but once you convert it to MP3 it might fit. They are already putting short HD video on regular DVD discs. You need software that knows how to decode these discs (and/or files) but it does not require a HD capable drive. The data on the disc is still DVD type data. This allows manufacturers to produce HD content without spending millions of $ on new equipment. It also allows people with standard DVD players and ‘special’ software to view this content. I don’t think console games need all this extra capacity of HD right now. The compression algorithms are there for HD and if the game engine wants to use these (even with existing DVD discs) then it can. The new format ‘HD’ merely requires more space for storage. It doesn’t matter if it is HD-DVD or BD. Like I mentioned above, you could probably put HD content on a floppy disk. Note: HD-DVD and BD can both pack more data onto a disc (same number of bytes takes less physical space on disc) due to other (physical) technologies not in discussion here.

thyfleshconsumed, there are original XBOX games that take almost the full 8.5 GB dual layer DVD. Its obvious that 360 would benefit from more space for larger capacity next gen games, and it seems many of you don’t register it when when the game developers themselves state their dismay over 360 being stuck with DVD storage for games.

The smartest post in this news item.

DVD is more that capable of handling the data required for games - no need for a higher capacity format. Just to put things into perspective the PC version of Oblivion (which has same/better graphics than the 360) uses just 4.3GB of disk space. Rather puts things into perspective doesn’t it? The only need for large capacities is if you have significant amounts of video which is encoded using an elderly codec (MPEG2). Use VC1 and a DVD9 is fine. Sony have done a wonderful job of selling the idea of BD games though - they can charge extra, release games on proprietary discs (eliminate copying) and sell the whole thing as a benefit. Nice going.

Adding something that I’ve never seen in news posted on cdfreaks: The internal DVD drive of a XBOX 360 is a 12x drive with about 12 MBPS max transfer rate. The internal drive of a PS3 is a BD 2x drive with about 8 MBPS max transfer rate. So, guess what… Xbox 360 has less space but higher trasfer rates and less loading time!!! With a PS3 you will have huge space that initially will be good to be used only for MPEG2 videos because large and complex 3D environment cannot be loaded efficiently… You will see (Hard Drive caching left alone) that the same game will boot up faster on a 360 or you will have same loading time with less details or more loading sessions on the PS3! Am I wrong about this issue?

Which game?

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TBh ive never seen a xbox game that big. Sorry these posts should have shown up under relevent posts.
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Never mind, he (ivid) probably has no clue what he is talking about. 8.5 GB Xbox games… Yeah, I also can add some bullshit to the ISO just to fill the disk, and dumb people think the game is 8.5 GB. (anyway, a name of these big Xbox games would be good to know, I heard this so many times, but NONE has said a name up till now) Anyway, game developers cry for more space, for more processor power and other shit, as they are lazy and do a terrible programming job latelly, that’s why they ALWAYS need the extra stuff. Don’t forget HW and SW bussines is close to eachother, both force users to buy and upgrade the other. regards, Stephen

Rest assurred, we will see some PS3 games come out that are packed to the brim with FMV content for the sole purpose of filling up the disc. The thing is, the games with the best cut scenes have been the ones that use the in-game engine to implement them.

I don’t care there won’t be “blue laser games” I just wanted to load my NORMAL x360 games from the comfort of my couch (with HD drive extended out via USB to my couch).

Place Xbox at couch and run longer AV cables :slight_smile: