Xbox 360 ext. HD DVD player to take on ATI H.264 decoder

I just posted the article Xbox 360 ext. HD DVD player to take on ATI H.264 decoder.


Technologies has announced that Microsoft has taken on its ATI H.264 for
its Xbox 360 HD DVD player add-on, which is due for launch around the holiday season later this

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So what happens if the HD DVD uses VC1? Is it a crappy picture or what?

Microsoft wrote VC1 so they can probably code the xbox360 version of the codec without help.

:r MS are dumbasses for making a HD-DVD only drive. If they had any sense they would release a dual format HD-DVD/blu ray drive like many manufacturers are developing now. That would be an edge - PS3 has blu ray only, 360 would have both ! Just proves that MS is in this to prolong the war and make both fotmats fail, as many are saying.

Not familiar with player add-on. Presumably the touted decoder is simply software (sublicensed by ATI from Cyberlink?) and not hardware? A multi-format drive would certainly make sense but it is only an external accessory so they can always make a different part later if demand warrants and indeed make a new revision of the console with integrated multi-drive.

This is a non-news… Basically Microsoft, who used an ATi GPU inside his XBox360 will use an ATi HD-DVD player. Yes, they’re saying that’s because ATi stuff rulez (yeah, right, for the same reason they used a nVidia GPU on the XBox) but it’s just a full load of (you know what I mean). They needed a fast to market software, a solution that “works well” on that hybrid ATi chip… I think there was no alternative that using ATi software from the beginning.

so where does it say you have to go out and buy one ? dont want it dont buy it want something different go buy it that simple

Probably you misunderstood… I wasn’t talking about “how good it will be”, I was talking about someone putting out buzzwords and fireworks to state something that was already crystal clear. It’s like HP saying that they added a speedstep enanchement addon on their Intel desktop systems and making a great fuss to explain that they choose an Intel speedstep manager because it showed superior performances…