Xbox 360 Exposed

Any modchips yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I hate this design btw, but I guess the hardware inside can make up for that)

it is very ugly indeed :eek:

I’m calling fake until I see a real picture and not a render. I guess we’ll have to wait for the MTV exclusive in 17 days!

Whoah that second pic looks nice!

Hmm well I like it but look @ the second pic:

You’ll notice two things immediately. In this picture, the optical drive eject button has an arrow pointing up, whereas in the previous picture, it points left. Also, in this last picture, “memory” is all lower case, but the M is capitalized in the top shot. Also, on the left where the hard drive is attached, there is a notch, or perhaps an LED indicator for drive activity or status. This is missing in the top image, as well.

With that I think its a fake or very ealry mock-up


well, the first image is more likely incorrect as THAT one is the render. the second one may be a mock-up model, but it looks physically real to me.

at any case if this is what it will look like it will be better looking then the big black box on the corner of my computer desk

It looks like a futuristic fridge!
And I mean that in a good way.

yes, my concern is if there will be any modchips out following the release of xbox 360. Or if there are already plans for modchip designs for this system.