Xbox 360 DVD+R DL Playback Problems



hi all,
i recently purchased 100 blank DVD+R DL Memorex discs(8.5Gb and 240 Minutes); i now know that they are terrible discs and i shouldn’t have bought them but i do not want them to go to waste.

My problem is burning movies to these dvds and getting them to play on my Xbox 360. I am able to do a successful burn ( i think ) and when i put the disc into the 360 the dvd menu comes up and i am able to start the movie. However as the dvd player changes the laser to read the second layer on the disc ( about 2 hours in ) the movie freezes and stays like this.

Is there a way to fix this problem without purchasing new discs as i have already blown $100.
Would making the dvd into dvd-rom help???
I have no idea what to do.
I bought my 360 in 2005 if that is useful. I used ConvertXtoDVD3 to burn the disc.
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It’s the disc’s, there bad that’s it. You can try setting the booktype to dvd-rom whether it will help or not it’s a different kettle of fish but most drive now set the booktype to rom on dl media anyways.


Since you already invested 100$ in those Memorex DLs, you could try picking up a Pioneer DVR-115 or 215. Those are the best DL burners out there (imho).

Whats the MID of that Discs?