Xbox 360 disc authentication has successfully been hacked



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  Last  December, crackers have succeeded in breaking the DVD file  system on the Xbox 360, however up until now, in an aim to prevent the  running of unauthorised applications on the Xbox360,...
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WoW, that was quick after all the hype about how unbreakable it was going to be. I guess this is another step closer.


Well I guess someone would do it in the end. I don’t think this will hurt microsoft that much. You still have to get your hands dirty in order to install the modified firmware chip, and it only allows you to play copied games. This modification might allow for playing of copied xbox games, that would be good but there are few new xbox360 games. We will se :B


I had personaly a interview tonight with TheSpecialist who hacked the X360. For the dutch people you can go to: and for the english translation you can go to By the way i posted this news about the hack 2 days ago in the dutch forum with no responce… as you can see i pull it off again :slight_smile:


What can I say… CONGRATULATIONS !!! :d


I soldered a mod-chip in my original PS1, so soldering is nothing new to me… Then again, I havent played or owned any console games since then…


proof-video is available here: (98 MB)


So its really been done:d Thanks for the video, dude. That was worth the bandwidth. Seeing all the stuff moving inside the box and a dvd-r spinning like crazy…mmm…that is almost a sexual experience :B P.S. It will probably take a few months till the guides and gadgets become available. And then is when they really start selling them, boxes. Who knows, under the circumstances, ps3 may never be born, or bought at least.
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Now if only some genius could develop something to completely back up audio-DVDs (key word is “completely”) to be playable on standalone players, that would be a huge feat!:S


I’d be surprised if that should take a few long months to leak it. I’d rather say days or weeks. Of course as region locking is not hacked, and only full dumps work at the moment, the number of titles which are playable is limited. especially for PAL people


Now, let me ask all of you who bought this Xbox piece of magic. Why did you have to pay few hundred bucks (I saw it one time for $650) and still encounter problems with the fact that you cannot share copied games and videos? Why did you support this sophisticated DRM machine? Were you naive and thinking that the code will be broken soon or are you that rich to pay for every single game??? In my opinion, all this machines should be returned to microsoft so they could shove them in their butts. But instead - you people continue to buy $650 game consoles with $50-60 games, you continue to support and admire blue-ray & hd-dvd. Well, it’s your decision of course. But it sounds and looks stupid… No offense.


The machine is much less than 650 anyway. Well, most people like to play games as they enjoy it and have nothing else to do. So why do you think they love it because of DRM and things like that ? They like to play games, and the easiest way to do it is to have a console. Of course most people prefer decent graphics that a 20 year old machine without DRM cannot offer. So what should those guys do ? Should they go and start playing on the sand-lot as it’s free ? To be honest, surfing the Net with your DRM based PC also sounds nonsense for some of us. Renting most games costs about 10 bucks, so that is far less than you said. Buying some used games also costs less than 20-30 usd, which for a decent game is not that much in my opinion. Unfortunatelly LAME DVD movies and crap musics cost more than some decent games. Let me not explain how much work it is to create a cool game, compared to a crap audio cd or compared to some Bollywood masterpieces. Yes, it is great that they hacked it, as this shows that every penny they spend on protecting something is just thrown money down the drain, and I hope they also will realise that sooner or later. It is as easy as piracy can never be stopped.:slight_smile:


if your read the original forum posts along with the now many posts and detailed guides, you can actually do it, you do not need to wait for someone to reproduce it and release it. and by the way its not just a case of soldering a chip like the ps1, read the articles to find out. i haven’t got a 360 or i would try this, theres quite a few PAL dumps on usenet anyways and i have plenty of bandwidth.


@ juzzie Not everyone buys consoles only if they know they will be able to steal and share games illegaly. If the protection gets defeated and you end up with games you didn’t have to pay for…well good for you I guess if that’s your thing. Your comments make it sound like people should only purchase things that will allow them to illegaly steal and share. This is not what everyone else is worried about. Some people just want the nice new game features even if it costs them money to get (like the above post said).


juzzie… spare us with the with the “you people” business. I don’t know where you’re coming from but I bought my 360 so I can play awesome games in HD on my 42" HD plasma, and now I am now enjoying that experience everday with enormous pleasure. Sorry if you can’t understand why a game fanatic will buy the latest greatest game console if we can afford it, but it doesn’t look stupid to me. People spend their money on far worse & more foolish things.


Shit the firmware is already avialible. I got a copy on my desktop. now the hard part is getting the xbox. There still out of stock most places here in S. Fla… I’m so happy ps3 got delayed too… U.S. gamerz should support america not fuckin japan…


Japans economy is linked to the US economy. Dont you remember history, we helped them rebuild after WWII. If their economy crashes, the USA has problems also. (Sorta like France {freedom fries…HAHA}) But yes, support your fellow american workers…good call.


hey wuts up im new to all this i wus wondering if the 360 dvd drive has any specific firmware ive beel looking but no luck i have a phillips im wondering if its the same as the ben q. this will realy help me thanks:bigsmile: