Xbox 360 dead, for the 2nd time. Any suggestions?

My XBOX 360 has been repaired with the Executer RROD kit, twice. Still the video output fails after a while.

Here’s the situation:

  • Playing some game or video. Sound and screen perfect
  • After a while screen goes blank, sound keeps perfect

There is NO red ring of death and no other notification. The screen just goes blank. If i fire it up two days later, it will work again for half an hour, until the screen goes blank again.

I’m pretty sure it’s a heating problem or something, but even the Executer RROD kit does not seem to work.

The Xbox 360 has not been hacked, no bios modification or something else, just trying to avoid the darned heating problem forever. I don’t have the money to purchase the new 250GB Xbox 360.

Any ideas before i put this Xbox 360 in the everlasting burning pit of hell?

By hardware without defects? :wink:
That means avoid iPhone 4 too :-p

Already avoid the iPhone like the plague and it seems Android phones are getting pretty crappy as well.

Nevertheless not really helpful for my Xbox. Think i’ll disassemble it.