Xbox 360 chipper needed!



I’ve read the threads about backing up my xbox 360 games and with the instructions and tutorials on here it seems quite straightforward. My question is does anyone know where I can find anyone to modify/chip my x360 in Scotland (near Edinburgh)? The thought of opening/soldering etc fills me with dread as I am really cack handed and would probably knacker it in seconds. I haven’t lived here long so don’t know anyone I can ask, or what sort of price with/without chip is reasonable. Could anyone point me in the right direction please?


Simply reflash the DVD ROM firmware with a hacked one and you do not need to solder anything.

regards, Stephen


Thanks for that stephen. I’ve now had a look around at some of the tutorials etc and I think my drive is the Toshiba. I’m looking at the Xeno Top Gear
as a way to flash the drive. Would any of you expeienced guys recommend this method?



Not needed. You have to open the machine (so warranty is gone) with Xeno Top aswell. Flash the latest 5.2fw and you do not need to upgrade then. (ones who update their firmwares quite often (which is not needed anyway) may need the Blaster or Xeno Top)

regards, Stephen

pS: if I remember Textbook wrote and excellent tutorial in pdf, that tells all you need.


Thanks again for the explanation (and patience). I know I sound a bit slow but I’ll get there eventually :clap: :clap:


dus any1 no any1 who will chipp xbox 360s in Burnley or someone near Burnley


You can do it yourself, determine what drive you have, read the tutorial(s) if needed buy a VIA sata card and that’s all that. It’s like upgrading your computer BIOS or any optical drive firmware.

regards, Stephen


the sense of self achievment is great too when you manage to do your own :slight_smile:


Hi, I am going to have a go at flashing my own drive. I dont want to open my machine up and lose my warranty. I have purchased a device by the name of x360usb and im hoping that i will be able to connec my xbox 360 to my pc and update the firmware. However now i have the device it has a sata connection at one end, do I need a sata drive in my PC? there is mention of a PDF tutorial above, does anybody know where i can get this from? sorry if i sound a bit daft im new on here and would like to say that the information on here is great, i had problems burning some DVD’s , after a short read of some of the forums, I found the answer. Thanks


You won’t flash your X360 drive without opening up the X360… so investing into that device was a wasted money. All you would need is a supported sata port or a VIA based sata add-on card to flash your drive.

regards, Stephen


yes no matter which way you go you will always void the consoles warranty , x360usb,blaster,xeno, etc as soon as the console is opened to fit or use these gadgets your warranty is voided .

i received my 360 on xmas day , i flashed it on boxing day(day after) :slight_smile: and a further twice since its still going strong, however now and again things may not go as planned always read the guides until you understand them and then read them again.

reading and research is the key :slight_smile: