XBOX 360 burns keep failing

Hi there

I am having problems with burning xbox 360 games
the burn process keeps failing/stalling

i am using clone CD,imageburn
the image is iso/.dvd file
the layer break is set,and evrything is ready to go
i am using verbatim DL disk,and so far,3 failures

first time was with imageburn…got stuck at 50-52% with pioneer 108 flashed with graduis firmware (to allow boktyping to dvd-rom)

second time was with cloneCD,pioneer 108…same again stalled at 50%

third time was on different burner,a brand new pioneer 112,with firmware 1.21
used clone CD,this time,success to a certain extent so i thought
But this time it stalled at 70% approx

Its not failing as such,it just stops burning,and speed goes to “0”

could it be the image is at fault? (it is downloaded image)
(is that possible with 360 games?)
if it is the image,what can you do if anything to check/veryify them before burning

could it be the disk? (i doubt)

Try burning the .dvd with the ImgBurn, it might be a software problem

Already said i tried that,and same result

I was curious to whether a poorly made image can cause this? (its a scene rls)

i have burnt 2 more games succesfully btw,its just this one game that causes me trouble so far

Well, now that u speak on it… the layer break of the .dvd file could be wrong, try downloading other backup (game) and try to burn it.
PS: did you tried to burn the same image or another game?

the layer break is fine,i double checked that

the other success’s were diff games

thats the problem with downloaded content , it can be corrupt and full of allsorts of crap… the first issue was definatly burner related when you used the 108 it was towing to read the layer jump this can happen between 48% - 54% on some burners. even though you are using the best media your dive needs to be able to cut the cake too sort of speak .

You read the forum rules. Have you understood them??? :cop:

yes thanks,i and understand them,and i havent broke them as far as i am aware,unless me posting the word’s “scene rls” or “downloaded” is some kind of copyright infringement?

btw,are you a moderator?
If not,i am sure they will deal with it in the proper manner

They will deal with you, be sure.

You broke the forum rules, you are seeking help for downloaded copyrighted material (game, a “scene rls”).

So, start thinking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have no clue how could a damaged iso cause this. (except if the iso is on a damaged HDD with bad sectors :D) If an iso is filled with garbage the burner will BURN it, no matter what data it is. Of course it will not work in the Xbox in the end but the burn process should be completed just fine. So that is either a media related problem or something with your computer. I have had such “lockups” with different media when I burnt from the external USB HDD but this has never happened since I burn from the internal HDD’s. This might be some software/windows conflict that I am too lazy to identify to be honest.

regards, Stephen

Its members like you that can give forums a bad rep
you need to read the rules also,as they refer to users not being rude to other users
Your not a moderator as far as i can see,just someone who has made many posts here,probably built up from useless jibes like these,thus what i write has nothing to do with you what-so-ever
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And fyi,i contacted a member of staff regarding this issue when you pointed out i may or may not broken the rules,and ask them to disable my account here,its no big deal…so i dont think i need to start “thinking” about anything thankyou

Besides,i have solved my problem
For anyone else,I fixed the image using XDVDMulleter Beta 9,and upgraded my drive to a pioneer 112d
Thanks for any replies with any meaning

I already used the “contact the mod” function.
You surely never did.

congratulations moderator chef,i bow down to you for your efforts
if this site had rep points,i’m sure you would have many
But it hasnt,and your not a moderator,so get a life