XBOX 360 Burning Question

Tearing my hair out with this, any help would gratefully be received.

Pioneer 112D dvd dl writer
aone 8x dvd+r discs

I have tried to burn some games using clonecd, imgburn and dvd decrypter using the various tutorials. Each time I get the same thing disc burns, I put it into the modded xbox 360 and it does find anything on the disc. I have also tried this on a matshita dvd-ram UJ-842. Burning the games at 2x. Other backups I have bought work, so why can’t I get this to work. I have 4 coasters. If I put the disc back into my computer dvd drive it sees it as a xbox 360 game. It boots up the game into media player and says put this xbox 360. Also the layout seems to look like a dvd movie audio_ts and video_ts is this correct. I flashed my xbox 360 in about march 2006, do I need to update the firmware or something to play it. But it still reads the other burns i bought. Help.

If the ORIGINALS work then you need to make new backups of them.