Xbox 360 backups



Im sorry for this topic im sure it has been done a million times, have looked on google for information but a lot of it is outdated and i know that multiple advances have occured since 2006.

I have a few brief questions:

I have a Nec (not sure what model right now its on my desktop) dual layer burner…is this suitable for burning 360 ‘‘backups’’… I have seen contradictory information some saying you need a samsung, others saying you need to alter your drive slightly before it will work…

I am hoping neither is correct and infact depending on the program you use it is fine…please?!

Next question is what is the best program to use…

There are loads, clone cd/blind write/ I just want the best one of ‘‘backups’’ i may download… obviously something that does everything (well) is top of the want list.

Next…i saw a topic about having to do something to the game if it doesnt come already modded? What is this about… ps2 was so much simpler…download an .iso…burn it…job done.

Anything else you have to add is welcome…I know i need dual layer discs…i use datawrite as i find this to be the best for dvds, do people find these work just as well for games? - and my xbox is flashed - im not sure what firmware it is but it has not been banned from xbox live regardless of using backed up games.

If anyone can help can you please reply in none cryptic beginnier straight to the point terms ha

Thanks !

Ps/Sorry i wasnt sure what topic it should go in can delete later if you wish…just need response asap