Xbox 360 Backup query

Hi i am trying to backup my 360 games and i have just a probably simple question.
I installed schtrom 3.4 on my daughters machine as i built her a machine for xmas but i left my kreon 162c drive in it as a temporary measure and its still there,and that is the only drive.I only installed it bacuase i just wanted to burn the game to an image on the computer.

I put in tiger woods last night and ran schtrom and got the message ‘can’t read alt pfi’ and i tried that for stealth 3.0 and even iso image.

i want to use xbox backup creator however looking at all the guides i need a dvd burner installed,can i burn it just to file? so i can then send that across to my machine downstairs.
back to my original problem only had schtrom installed do i need mulleter etc for it to function properly

ok answered my own question,used xbox backup creator,created an image no problems