Xbox 360 Back UP Burner PLEASE HELP

Hi, i have a Pioneer 216 and its brilliant, but today i came to buy another one and guess what… NOT THERE, i looked everywere (UK) and i cant find it for a decent price or at all…
Is there ANY replacement for this drive i can buy in the UK (online), I NEED it to burn at 2.4x with CMC media, my old sony 7200 didnt do that, i cant risk not having 2.4x…

You should look for a Pioneer 217 while they are still available. [B]Not [/B]the 218, which uses a Mediatek chipset instead of the NEC chipsets found in the 215, 216 and 217.

Pioneer is leaving the European optical drive market, so they won’t be available for long.

Thats the thing, they are not available?? please if you see one around £20 link me ive looked very hard. if there is a good alternative link aswell i would be very greatful.

Hi Sod16, I too am looking for a replacement for the mightly pioneers. Did you find a replacement yet?

Yup, i just stuck to the sony 7241 or w/e its called, i just burn at 4x, its works now, ive given up on 2.4