XBOX 360 Back up. Answers I cant find

Hi I’ve just flashed my 360 so it can play backups.

How do I rip a back up from an original on my PC?

I hear that you need a certain drive (samsung?..) that can read/rip the files and then you can burn them using a dual layer dvd writer.

I have a Lite-On LH-20A1H which can be found here

Is there anyway to use this drive to rip iso of disc correctly?

Or with a flashed 360 can you only play copied games/isos’ that are downloaded from the net?

I basicaly want to rip and burn games on my PC, whats the best way? Buying one of these samsung drives to rip disks and using my dual layer to burn?

My dvd writer reads the 360 disk the audio and video files but im guessing (from what i’ve read) that its not just a case or hiting rip & burn…

Thanks alot. I appreciate your help…


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tchock you need a Samsung DVD-Rom drive model number SH-D162 or SH-D163(sata version) flashed with the custom Kreon firmware to be able to create backups of your games using your PC. Your LiteOn will only be able to burn the backups you create.

well you got pretty much two options…

get a Kreon drive on ebay to backup your original game discs… OR… you can use the drive inside your XBox360 to rip the games to the PC’s hard drive and then burn as usual.

but using the XBox360 itself to rip the games (even though will work perfectly fine. im assuming your Xbox360 dvd-rom drive has iXtreme v1.6 on it) is not really practical since you would have to crack open the Xbox360 case all the time to backup your games aint the XBox360 aint exactly ‘easy’ to open either.