Xbox 360 and lite-on

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DX-20A4PU EZ-DUB. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello i have burnt some xbox 360 isos with verbatim x2.4 discs at the same speed using imgburn on my hp laptop, 3 have worked 9 have failed i have read about book type my drive does not support this, so i have just bought this
Lite-on The DX-20A4PU- 03C EZ DUB will this stop me from burning coasters as i will be able to change the book type. Also will this drive be able to backup my original 360 games using the EZ DUB thanks all answers welcome.:bow:

The drive should be fine as long as your laptop has USB2.0 ports. The drive however can’t make a backup of your original you will need a one of the few Samsung dvd-rom drives flashed with the kreon firmware, I am pretty sure the drive model numbers are in one of the backup threads in this console section of the forum, can’t remember the model numbers off hand. I think the model in my sig has been replaced now but I’m not sure.