XBOX 360 and DVDFAB Mobile generic profiles

So from my understanding many of the profiles are playable on the xbox 360.

AVI, MP4, and definitely WMV.

Using DVDFAB Mobile ~ DVD to WMV is taking too long. I started playing with the generic profiles and right now im sticking with the generic.mp4.h264.aac.

This thread is just a question about the other profiles.

Seeing how im am going to stream these videos I will stay with the h264 video format, but I need some help understanding what audiocopy is.

Audiocopy strips the original (AC-3 or other) audio from the DVD to go with your H264 video. It make the processing faster but the files will be larger than if you use AAC or MP3 audio compression. Of the codecs in DVD to Mobile, on my system xvid is the fastest, followed by H264 with WMV a slow and distant third.

Also, how are you getting the files to the XBox? I stream through Windows Media Player 11 and can only get 5.1 sound with a WMV file. If you’re using Windows Media Center to stream, playing files locally, or using another method you may have other options that preserve quality.