XBMC SVN rev9200 build June 04 2007 (T3CH)

This is a complete snapshot of what was in SVN at the time the build was compiled, with just a few small additions:

  • Killarny & Nuka1195 & Pikes Apple Movie Trailers (AMT) SVN 0.97.5
  • BritneysPAIRS’s ~110 choosen Milkdrop presets
  • EnderW & Blittans XBMCScripts Installer 1.8 SCRIPT
  • Team XBMC Lyrics 1.5 SCRIPT
  • Asteron’s Tetris 1.0 SCRIPT
  • Nuka1195’s T3CH Downloader SCRIPT
  • Codecs for mplayer
  • PM3 Red Theme + PM3 Blue Theme by Jezz_X

Special Note From T3CH:

  • I made this build yesterday so build date will say 3rd, but no changes has been made to SVN since, so enjoy this new T3CH
  • For the first time I’ve removed a script. Snake was removed because it stopped functioning. If the author fixes bugs and add built-in update functionality, I might re-add it in future